Army Boot Camp

Army boot camp teaches civilians to become soldiers in the military. People who attend army boot camp learn skills that non-military members rarely get a glimpse of. Training in military boot camps does not just involve teaching about different military weapons. Civilians that enter the camps come out with a clear knowledge of homeland protection to include the use and care of weapons, diversionary tactics, protection of self and other troops in a combat zone, strength and speed training and a host of other skills necessary for survival on the battlefield and in occupation of foreign countries.

Army Boot Camp

Army Boot Camp

Everyone in army boot camp, navy boot camp and air force boot camp begin at the same level. Each person can rise to a higher level before leaving boot camp and salary for each soldier is dependent upon their rank. People entering army boot camp are generally referred to as “Recruit” and reach either “Private” or “Private First Class” ranking at the time of graduation from Army boot camp.

After completion of Army boot camp, the private will be stationed to a base, usually in the United States, for more intensive and detailed training in a specialty area. There is the possibility of being deployed to a foreign country if the need arises. A military career as a soldier in the army offers the opportunity to gain a college education, the best of benefits as well as a great retirement benefits package.

Army boot camp is nothing like entering a fitness boot camp or an adventure boot camp. The only similarities between these types of boot camps are a rigorous agenda. Army boot camp is a requirement for anyone wishing to enter the military. It is a tough program that only a choice few will succeed at. It is the very basic training to enter the military world and fashion an Army career out of.

Army boot camp lasts about nine weeks and the recruit is given a wage for the time spent there. The money is placed into the recruit’s bank account for use after graduation. Money for uniforms, pictures and other essentials like meals will be deducted first.

A career in the Army can mean traveling around the world to key military bases, depending on the final goal of the recruit. A person has to be determined to make it through the rigorous training program of Army boot camp first though.

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