Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness boot camp is a form of fitness training that is similar to initial physical military training. In fact, sometimes fitness boot camp trainers are people who have gone through navy boot camp, army boot camp or air force boot camp. These trainers act as mentors for participants as they go through the process of intense physical training. As the name suggests, it is not a constant fitness maintenance regimen. It is a four to six week “camp” that involves training with a group under the advisement of professionals.

Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camp

The exercise in fitness boot camp varies greatly. It depends on the type of boot camp and the location. For example, an adventure boot camp is likely to be outdoors in a location far away from a gym. It may also be overnight. Other boot camps are outdoors or indoors, but are day camps, not retreats. Nonetheless, there are some common solo and group exercises. These include push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, running, weight lifting, aerobics, squats and group games.

Nutrition is an integral part of fitness boot camp. Without proper nutrition, weight loss in boot camp can be dangerous or not happen at all. Not all of these programs will offer advice or classes on nutrition. However, some do and it is highly suggested that this information is sought by a professional, regardless of what the boot camp offers. People going into boot camp can talk to their primary care physicians about what they should be eating.

Group support is a theme in fitness boot camps, much like military boot camps. It is not one-on-one physical training. It involves a group of people who want to lose weight or just live healthier lifestyles. Over the course of fitness boot camp, these people lend support to each other. This group environment is also supposed to be motivational for participants.

Fitness boot camp has all of the benefits of a workout at the gym and more. However, the prices may be more than at the gym and they may be less. The price will depend on the location, the added services, the length of training, whether it is a day and night camp and more. The range is typically between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand, depending on the inclusion of accommodations.

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