Navy Boot Camp

New military enlistees often do not have the required physical stamina or the marksmanship and survival skills needed to go into regular duty. They need intensive training and motivation, which they gain by going through and successfully completing boot camp. All branches of the military have their own versions of this training. More than just a fitness boot camp or even an adventure boot camp, navy boot camp provides new recruits with the mental and physical preparedness to defend their country.

Navy Boot Camp

Navy Boot Camp

In fact, navy boot camp proves to be a rigorously demanding undertaking. Many men and women desire to serve in this branch of the military, as soldiers in its ranks are known to be among the most elite in the military forces. However, those who have had no prior exposure to military life, let alone navy boot camp, may do well to realize that they will be required to give their very best physical and mental performances in order to complete the training.

Like army boot camp and air force boot camp, new recruits can expect to be put through a multitude of physical training. Their drill sergeants may have them do sit up, push ups, weight lifting exercises, and a substantial amount of running in order to get them in better physical shape. In fact, running together with one’s unit while chanting military cadences is a hallmark of all military boot camps.

During the first few weeks of navy boot camp, an enlistee can also expect to endure harsh criticism from one’s officers. These verbal lashings are meant to get rid of an enlistee’s old behaviors and ways of thinking, while teaching them acceptance of and conformity with the military lifestyle. Many enlistees may believe that they are being verbally abused; however, the harsh words from their superiors teach them to listen and to react in ways that can save their lives and the lives of their fellow soldiers.

Male enlistees will receive a buzz haircut upon arrival at their navy boot camp site. Women recruits are expected to keep their hair in a bob cut or worn in a bun for their own safety and comfort. Recruits work out and train six days a week, with Sundays being a day off to allow them to attend church services, write letters or make phone calls to home, and relax while they prepare for a new week of training.

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