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Air Force Boot Camp

The Air Force is one of the toughest and most respected branches of the American military, and is home to the world famous and incredibly tough Air Force boot camp. Thousands of men and women each year enlist to protect their nation in the Air Force. One of the hardest challenges for those who enlist is the intensive Air Force boot camp that begins every enlistee’s training. Physical and mental training is all a part of what goes on in the boot camp sessions. Here is a brief guide to some of the specific training that goes on in an Air Force boot camp, and how you can prepare for the challenge: » Weiterlesen

Navy Boot Camp

New military enlistees often do not have the required physical stamina or the marksmanship and survival skills needed to go into regular duty. They need intensive training and motivation, which they gain by going through and successfully completing boot camp. All branches of the military have their own versions of this training. More than just a fitness boot camp or even an adventure boot camp, navy boot camp provides new recruits with the mental and physical preparedness to defend their country. » Weiterlesen

Army Boot Camp

Army boot camp teaches civilians to become soldiers in the military. People who attend army boot camp learn skills that non-military members rarely get a glimpse of. Training in military boot camps does not just involve teaching about different military weapons. Civilians that enter the camps come out with a clear knowledge of homeland protection to include the use and care of weapons, diversionary tactics, protection of self and other troops in a combat zone, strength and speed training and a host of other skills necessary for survival on the battlefield and in occupation of foreign countries. » Weiterlesen